Thursday, July 27, 2006


Who who? Who who?

When the twins were born last week, I prided myself on being able to tell them apart. But things have changed over the past few days. They're looking more and more alike. For example...

That's Nate on the left and Will on the right. I think. No, I'm pretty sure about that. Julie looked and confirms my findings. Yes, Nate left, Will right.

But now look at this picture and tell me who you see...

If you answered "Nate," you're wrong. It's Will... I think. Yes, it's definitely Will.

Things have gotten so bad lately, Julie actually painted Nate's toenails purple so we could tell these (non identical, as near as we can tell) twins apart. But it's even hard to trust that system, as evidenced by this conversation in the lobby of a doctor's office yesterday.

"Julie, I think you marked the wrong one."


"You marked Nate, right?"


"And Will is the one with the slightly bigger head and pronounced forehead?"


"But look at the one with the painted toenail and then tell me which has the bigger head."

"That doesn't matter. I painted the toes when it was easier to tell them apart. Do you think they somehow switched toenails overnight?"

"OK, that makes sense... OK, nevermind."

So now I've been trying other systems to tell them apart. For instance, I gave Nate shoulder pads to accent those famous Workman shoulders...

But the effect only lasts so long, then you're stuck with this again...

How am I supposed to figure out who is who is that photo? I'm pretty sure that Nate is on the left again and Will is on the right. But I could be wrong.

Let's try again and see if we do any better...

That one's a little bit easier, because Will is doing his trademark Billy Idol lip curl thing. (And kudos to Jon Deal for pointing this trait out.) Without that "tell," I don't know if I would have gotten that one right.

I've taken to calling each of them "baby," just to hide my ignorance. But you really don't want to call them by a wrong name. I called Nate "Will" yesterday, and got a most rude hand gesture...

Needless to say, he's grounded until further notice.

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At 8:21 am, Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Have you considered tattoos?

At 11:36 am, Anonymous aunt steffie said...

i always told bobby the rude gestures wre from his side of the family...hmmmmmm


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