Monday, September 17, 2007


Julie is leaving town for a short business trip today, so this week we're posting a series of pictures taken over the last few weeks. As she's sitting in some business hotel or meeting space, she can come here and enjoy a few memories of home. First up is a picture of me and Nate at a recent pool party.
I good time was had by all, including Will, who was sporting something of a pompadour at the time. No review of the past month would be complete without a little memory of Julie's birthday. Here she is cuddling up with the two little guys after a celebration of the blessed event.Julie has been very fond of putting Nate and Will in the same crib just after they wake up from their naps. They generally do something cute when that happens.The hour is getting late, an it's time to go to bed. So we'll give you one last kiss from Nate.And a wave goodbye from Will...And wishes for your safe return. We love you, Julie.

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