Monday, February 11, 2008


The Grammys went late and I got out of work even later... and I'm fighting off a nasty cold. So there just isn't time to upload the bumper crop of cute twin photos. Give me another 24 hours. But for now, I'll offer this.

Clinton sacked her campaign manager today. Clinton said the move had nothing to do with Obama's recent string of primary wins. Instead, she said her manager had to go because the nomination process had gone on longer than expected. And why is the process taking longer than expected? Because of Obama's recent string of primary wins.

Oh, how I do hate how those Clinton's talk. It brings back all the bad parts of the 90s, and makes me dread the thought of living with another 8 years of it.

But perhaps I'm looking at it wrong. Perhaps this slippery, circular talk is really just the Clinton campaign's attempt at absurdist theater. On Friday, I got my first look at "That Mitchell and Webb Look." It's a great British sketch series that I hope to write more about at a later date. The show has a recurring sketch called "Numberwang." It's a game show based on numbers. In an interview on NPR, the show's creators said they wanted the sketch to be complete nonsense. They would go back through the scripts and eliminate anything that might possibly make sense.

So perhaps this is that the Clinton's are up to. I look forward to the day when one of her campaign events looks a little more like this...

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