Friday, February 01, 2008


It might come as something of a surprise that the Faroe Islands has its own airline. Atlantic Airways was founded in 1988 to provide more dependable air connections with the outside world. They started with one plane, and had three by 2001. Today there are seven planes in the fleet and several more helicopters.

All of the fixed wing aircraft are smaller regional jets that look a little something like this...
Actually, it looks exactly like that, this is an actual photo of one of Atlantic Airways' planes. I bring up these rather arcane details better suited to planespotters because Atlantic Airways is actually in the news this week. They've just purchased a new Airbus A-319, which is pretty much the French version of a Boeing 737.I'm left to assume that Atlantic Airways doing pretty well if they're investing in bigger aircraft. This is good news, as I'm hoping to fly to the Faroes one day, and Atlantic Airways is the only airline that flies there.



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