Monday, April 07, 2008


This post is completely disgusting, so let me soften the blow by starting with some cute images of the little guys. Some cute video images. We bought a new digital camera last week and I was playing around with the video function and caught this fun image of Will when he awoke from his nap.

And I got some video of Nate as well, but he was a much more elusive subject.

But all at our home is not cute video segments of less than 10 seconds. No, the guys have been sick for the past week, and it has been nasty. You see, they've had a stomach virus, and that can make for some unpleasant surprises.

On Friday morning, we awoke to find Nate's crib covered in foul-smelling excrement (as opposed to the sweet smelling stuff, I guess). We had to open every window in the house to get rid of the smell.

Then came Saturday's lunch. We were feeding Nate some of his favorite foods, but he was starting to grimace, and we knew something bad was about to happen. In a flash, he erupted like one of those elementary school volcano projects. When it was over, there was a pile of fruit, zucchini, Cheerios, and scrambled eggs just about as big as Nate. Seriously, where did he put all that stuff?

Julie and I sprang into crisis mode. She took him into the bathroom and began to wash Nate off. I took the chair outside along with the plastic tarp we keep on the kitchen floor. There I had the unenviable task of hosing the puke off everything it touched. When I was done, you could still see little flecks of zucchini and scrambled eggs in our lawn.

A few hours later, I was looking out our window and I noticed a bluebird picking away at the eggs in the grass. It was then I knew that this whole disgusting incident was just another segment in the circle of life.

Think about it, some bird laid an egg, and we served it to our kid... who barfed it up. Then this bird took the egg and most likely barfed it up for his kid. "Twice Barfed Eggs," I'm sure that's considered a delicacy somewhere.

And who knows, perhaps that little bird will puke the eggs up again... and the circle of life will continue.

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At 11:43 am, Blogger thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I can't see the videos from here, but you're right about the story — gross.

At 8:29 pm, Blogger The Morey Family from Rochester said...

So sorry, Matt. Steph and I both agree that cleaning up puke is the worst part of parenting. (thus far) :-)


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