Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The internet is on tonight, so let's see if we can actually post something.

Nate and Will turned 2 last week and we threw a party for them because, well that's what parents do. And at this party was introduced what will likely be a theme for the next year: the impassibility of getting our two sons in the same frame for a still photo.

Actually, with how much thy ran around, I was happy to get even one at a time. So I snapped just about any picture of Will that wasn't blurred by motion...

And any picture of Nate that didn't involve him licking mud puddles (a troubling new hobby of his)...(That may, in fact, be a mouth full of puddle water he's got there.)

The only successful attempts at picturing them together was during the brief cupcake and singing ceremony.

After a few bites, Will was off to the races and Nate stuck around to clean up the leftovers.

Fueled with enough sugar to put a wildebeest into a diabetic coma, Nate and Will abandoned their guests and ran around the park with reckless abandon.Stopping occasionally to chase the local cats.Eventually they ran up into a tree, so that seemed like the perfect time to snap a good photo of them both.Nope.

Eventually I settled for singles of Nate...

And two cute ones of Will...And with that, I gave up my search for the perfect photo, put the camera away, and just played with the little guys.

I shot some video, too, but YouTube is being a little fussy tonight. Once it's online, we'll post it right here.

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