Thursday, August 07, 2008


At long last, a few short video clips from Nate and Will's 2nd birthday party last month. There was a delay because YouTube took more than a week to process one of the video clips. This is somewhat curious because none was any longer than 30 seconds. But anyway.

Our first offering clocks in at 27 seconds and is the offending piece of video. It's a little worse for the wear after a week of processing, but through the grime you can, in fact, see something resembling our children and hear the last few seconds of the "happy birthday" song.

Next up is a 20 second clip of Will running through the park and charging the camera before losing interest...

And finally on our short video is essentially a 17 second failed photograph. I was trying to document Nate's dirty face (caked with... well... cake) and I forgot the camera was still on the "video" setting. So instead we got this...

On our next edition, we'll document Nate and Will's newest obsession... the trampoline.

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