Tuesday, November 09, 2010


A couple of times each month, I like to meet with a few friends at a local pub and participate in a local trivia tournament. I do this because I'm of the impression that I'm a storehouse of worthless knowledge and as such am a perfect trivia player. Tonight, that theory was proven completely wrong. My team did poorly. And to prove it, here's a sample of the questions we missed:

Q: In ancient Egypt, if a surgeon had a patient die, what part of their body did they cut off?
A: Both hands

Q: What state has the highest percentage of people who walk to work?
A: Alaska

Q: What state has the most tornadoes per square mile?
A: Florida

Q: What percentage of people in the US have never been to a dentist?
A: 40%

Q: How tall was the original Stanley Cup?
A: 7.28 inches (We guessed 36 inches, which is only .75 inches taller than the current cup)

Q: What kind of berry is a bounceberry?
A: Cranberry

Q: What state was home to America's first brewery?
A: New Jersey

Q: True or False: Tug-of-War was once an Olympic sport.
A: True

Q: Former President Franklin Pierce was arrested for allegedly running over an old woman with his a) horse, b) carriage, or c) car.
A: Horse (the charges were later dropped)

There is one other question I got wrong that I can't even bear to admit here. It was an easy question that everyone should know. The rest of our team had it right, and I insisted the answer be changed... to the incorrect answer.

Oh well, at least we knew that "Muhammad" is the most common male name in the world.


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