Friday, December 14, 2007


The coming week will include some of the darkest days in the Faroe Islands. Winter solstice is just around the corner and the sun barely peaks above the skyline right now. Today sunrise in the Faroes will happen at 9:45 AM. Sunset is just before 3 PM. Two weeks ago Jennifer Henke documented the sunshine (or lack thereof) hitting her little town. Here's the snap she took at 10:30 AM.

And that's just about as light as it ever got. The sun never shines on her little home during the winter months. Sounds bleak, I know, but the days will start getting longer again in about a week.

In other news, a Faroese political leader got punched in the face during a trip to Bergen, Norway. Now before you write off the Norwegians as a bunch of violent politician-beaters, know that the man who threw the punch was also from the Faroe Islands. Apparently it was all a big misunderstanding.



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