Monday, November 05, 2007


Note: Julie took these pictures (she takes a substantial majority of photos you see here, truth be told) and I don't know what setting she used, but some of them look a bit odd. But we had a family meeting and decided that they are artistic photos and are supposed to look like that. So there.

Things are cooling off quickly here in the northwest. So the boys need hats. This is not as simple as it sounds, as the little guys don't like wearing hats. But just this week we found some has they like to wear. The bonus? They're pretty funny looking.Will's hat is blue with white reindeer on it. It has four very silly looking tassels on the top, but you can't really see them in this photo. So we'll try another.OK, you really can't tell in that photo, either, but he is grabbing his crotch. It's his tribute to "Thriller" era Michael Jackson. Care to try for a third view of the hat?OK, you can't see the tassels on that shot either. It's a shame because it's the silliest thing about the hat. You're up next, Nate. Can you bring the cute and the silly?Yes you can. Nate is actually so enamored of his hat that he cries when we take it off. It's cute... as far as crying goes.
So it appears silly hat day may turn into silly hat month. (Months?)

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